01 Special T, Poseidon and Reality drifting up to the Bridge
02 Our leader waiting for the Bridge
03 Sancerre passing between the Quays
04 Smile first...then look where your going
05 Wildest Dream leaving Poole Quay
06 Wildest Dream ieaving Poole
07 Tadpole waiting by Hamish buoy
08 Peter Takes Wildest Dream past Brownsea
09 Leaving the Haven
10 Got Lucky  ready to go
11 Widest dream & Special T with the mist starting to show
12 Poseidon passing Swanage
13 Got Lucky land Princess Adri-ann, Ohana, Taffy & Lamados
14 Got Lucky & Princess Adri-ann
15 Ohana, Princess Adri-ann, Taffy & Lamados setting out
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